Chicago Tribune: “The wit and humor of her collaboration”

…No track commands more attention, however, than “The Wine Talkin’,” in which veteran Cash Box Kings singer Wilson duets with the greatest female blues vocalist working today, Chicagoan Shemekia Copeland.

“We’ve gotten to know her through the years on the festival circuit,” says Nosek, in explaining the band’s good fortune to have recorded with her.

“Over the course of a five- or six-year period, if we were on the same bill, she’d come by and say hi, and her manager (and songwriter), John Hahn, would do the same. I think they really respected the fact that we’re trying to carry on this more traditional sound.”

As does Copeland herself, while similarly updating facets of it to reflect contemporary times and themes. When Hahn offered the Kings a chance to work on a song of his with Copeland, they leaped at the chance, Nosek and Wilson collaborating with Hahn to fine-tune “The Wine Talkin’.”

Copeland’s throaty tones are instantly recognizable, and there’s no mistaking the wit and humor of her collaboration with singer Wilson.

“It was like, boom, they totally hit it off, it was immediate chemistry for the two of them,” says Nosek, who plays harmonica and sings on the album.

Recording with Copeland stands as “a real compliment,” Nosek adds.

“I was a huge fan of her father,” Texas bluesman Johnny “Clyde” Copeland, “long before I knew about her. When he passed away, she came on the scene and got signed by Alligator – and I was blown away, like most people.

“They call her the new queen of the blues, and it’s a real honor, and a really amazing opportunity to record with her, hang out with her.”…

By Howard Reich about the Cash Box Sings’ new album, “Hail to the Kings!” to be released on May 17 by Alligator Records on which special guest Shemekia Copeland turns the heat up as she joins her friend Oscar Wilson for the mischievous duet, The Wine Talkin’.

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