Central Maine: “An even deeper well from which to draw”

I’ve been a fan of this powerful blues and R&B singer ever since she began her recording career on Alligator Records in 1998 at the age of 18. The daughter of the late bluesman Johnny Clyde Copeland and mother of 4-year-old Johnny Lee, Shemekia has released nine albums — seven on Alligator and two on Telarc Records — including her latest, “America’s Child” (released in 2018 on Alligator), for which she’s now touring. The album broadens the singer’s genre range by embracing elements of Americana giving Copeland an even deeper well from which to draw. I reached her on her cellphone in her hometown, Chicago…. 

By Lucky Clark, who interviewed Shemekia about her latest album, America’s Child, her relationship to Maine and the audience there, before her performance at the Waterville Opera House, in Waterville, Maine on March 9. Read the full interview at Central Maine