Get Ready To Rock: “A contemporary roots album with substance and depth”

Shemekia Copeland’s ‘America’s Child’ is very much an album of our times. The title is an all enveloping concept that leads into a bunch of related, philosophical and at times analytical songs that shift from the micro to macro, suggesting that the cultural diversity to be found in track ‘Americans’ is a cause for celebration, rather than much of the current polarity in the US. 

Copeland is an emotive singer with a fine range who uses her vibrato sparingly. She explores a contemporary take on the blues with Americana, funk and gospel influences, on an album that focuses on lyrical meaning and the quality of songs.

‘America’s Child’ is her 8th album, and casts her as mature interpretative vocalist who though not contributing any songs, effectively curates and brings to life an album that has a social conscience at its core (…) 

‘America’s Child’ is a contemporary roots album with substance and depth. And if you follow the linear thematic trail, dive into the musical sweep and enjoy her passionate attack and emotive phrasing, then it reveals itself as an album with plenty to say as part of a fresh take on the blues

By Pete Feenstra, who gives Shemekia’s America’s Child 4 stars. Read the full review for British magazine Get Ready To Rock