South Coast Today: “This album is more intense”

Shemekia Copeland isn’t shy about taking on social and political issues in her music, and her newest release is no exception. Copeland (…) is touring with “America’s Child.” Though she’s always touched on social issues such as homelessness, this album is more intense, she said in a recent phone interview.

After the 2016 birth of her son, Johnny Lee Copeland-Schultz (named after her father, the late blues artist Johnny Lee Copeland) she said she started to take an even closer look at the world in which she was raising her baby. And she found plenty sing about on “America’s Child,” right from the opening song, “Ain’t Got Time for Hate.”

“I’m frustrated, but hopeful. It’s like the drunk uncle who shows up at the barbecue – you want to leave, but you love him and hope he gets better. That’s how I feel about America right now,” she said, adding that frustration is evident in the songs on her new album (…) 

By Linda Murphy, before Shemekia’s performance on Thursday, Sept 27, at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, Massachussetts. Read the full story in South Coast Today