The Alternate Root: “A soundscape where country meets blues on equal footing”

America’s Child is a statement. Shemekia Copeland a musical manifesto for her recent release… songs with a conscience, less a message than a presentation of facts. The stories identify who we are as a country, as a united people, joining together by citing our differences in Mary Gauthier/John Hahn’s tune “Americans” and providing a how-to guide to ‘live in a world gone wild’ with “Ain’t Got Time for Hate” as America’s Child wears its lineage like a skin for “In the Blood of the Blues”. Shemekia Copeland is a force of nature on America’s Child, striding with confidence into each song (…) 

Will Kimbrough is the producer for America’s Child, his hand allowing the two distinct styles to exist in a true partnership, establishing a soundscape where Country meets Blues on equal footing. (…) 

In The Alternate Root, who made Ain’t Got Time for Hate one of its Top Ten songs in July. Read the full review published this weekend…