“Shemekia has blues in her blood”

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Shemekia Copeland has blues in her blood: She is the daughter of the late great Texas blues musician Johnny Clyde Copeland, and a lot of her early music sounded like it. Now, at 36, she’s doing things a little differently. Her latest record, Outskirts of Love, carries the weight of her experiences and showcases the growing she’s done since she began recording music as a teenager.

“I’ve lived a lot. I’ve seen a lot. Traveling all around Europe and the world — it really opens your eyes to things, and I wanted to talk about it,” she says. “Whether it’s domestic violence, whether it’s date rape, whether it’s politicians who are completely corrupt, I want to talk about it all.” […]

Shemekia Copeland dropped by NPR’s Washington, D.C. studios to speak with host Scott Simon — and while she was there, she and guitarist Arthur Neilson performed a few songs from the new album.

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