“Thrilling to witness”

Shemekia Copeland returns to Alligator Records with an album that kicks some serious ass. Outskirts of Love is like going to church and a speakeasy at the same time.

My first encounter with Ms. Copeland was when I saw her open for Buddy Guy in Edmonton in early 2006, and I’ve been a fan ever since. As singers go she’s robust and soulful, getting her songs (and those of others) across like she believes every word she is singing […]

These songs and the way Shemekia interprets them have miles of depth, it’s almost as if she has no choice but to do this with her life- and that’s thrilling to witness. […]

If you want to hear true greatness, put on Outskirts Of Love right now and thank me later.

By John The Rock Doctor Kereiff, Gonzoonline (Canada).

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